Client FAQs

We couldn’t cover everything on our website, so instead we’ve collated the most frequently asked questions from our existing Clients into one place for your perusal. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for then head over to our contact page and drop us a line – one of our crew will be in touch shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Insentra transact directly with end user organizations?

    We do not transact directly with end user organizations - we transact exclusively through IT resellers. We can certainly have conversations with you about your requirements and will always ask you to nominate your preferred IT provider. We will then work with your provider to deliver your required project. Our unique model prevents the need for you to onboard us through your procurement channels.

  • Can I engage directly with and purchase services from Insentra?

    Yes, you can engage directly with us to investigate how we can assist you, however, as we are a 100% "through Partner" business, we will work with you to identify your chosen IT provider and will engage them through the process, transacting any projects via your partner. Our model avoids the need to on-board Insentra as a procurement partner or the need for Insentra to be on a government panel contract.

  • Is Insentra on any government panels?

    Insentra is not on any government panels because we will not transact directly with end user clients. The partners we support are typically on any required panels where they are tendering for work.

  • Does Insentra have security cleared personnel?

    Yes. In Australia we have a number of security cleared people in our crew.

  • Does Insentra provide Time & Material (T&M) services?

    Primarily, we engage on a fixed-price, fixed-scope, guarenteed outcome basis and we also deliver engagements using a T&M commercial model.

  • Does Insentra offer project management?

    Yes, we typically include project management within all of our engagements and can provide Project Management as a Service through your chosen provider.

  • Does Insentra engage contractors to deliver work?

    Insentra has a global full time crew who we leverage to deliver, regardless of their primary location. On ocassion we may leverage a contractor and will always be transparent should this occur.

  • Does Insentra sell Vendor products and/or Licenses?

    Insentra represent a number of ISVs in various geographies and we sell their products via our Partner network. We do not sell any Tier One vendor products (such as Microsoft, Citrix etc). We leave those transactions to our Partner network and can help to locate a partner for you if required.

  • As an end user client, can Insentra recommend an IT partner?

    Yes, if you require a recommendation we can make one however we find most clients have established relationships with IT providers and we seek your guidance.

  • Who do I contact if I have a project or Managed Service requirement?

    You can contact us either via your chosen IT provider or directly. In either circumstance we will always transact with you via your chosen provider.

  • What is Insentra's project and delivery methodology?

    Our Project Management approach has been tailored based on proven methodologies, our company experience since 2010 as well as decades of combined individual experience. Our approach continues to evolve to deliver consistently successful stakeholder outcomes. Our methodology is segmented into elements which are selectively applied to projects to meet unique requirements. Our team are trained and certified in various methodologies including Prince2, PMP and Agile.

  • What does Insentra do when something goes wrong in a project or service?

    IT projects can be complicated, and from time to time, things will go wrong.  When this does occur we will seek to understand what has happened; the impact of the issue, what needs to be done to resolve the issue and what we can learn which prevents it reoccurring in the future.  Then we will work together with you and your Partner to agree a way forward for rapid resolution.

Managed Services - Frequently Asked Questions