Insentra Vendor FAQs

We couldn’t cover everything on our website, so instead pulled together a list of the frequently asked questions from our Vendor partners. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for then head over to our contact page and drop us a line and a member of our crew will be in respond shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Insentra transact directly with end user organizations?

    No. We do not transact directly with end user organizations. We are often contacted directly by end user organizations to seek assistance. We always explain our partner-only model and find out their preferred IT partner. Under no circumstances will Insentra transact directly with an end user organization. As a PartnerObsessed company, we will always transact through an IT channel Partner or Vendor and will bring any opportunities to our Partners.

  • Will Insentra sell my products?

    Insentra "sell" tier one vendor products because we have conversations with end clients. We do not, however, transact the products, leaving this to our Partner network.

  • How does Insentra obtain Vendor tier status if you don't transact their products?

    Insentra meet all of the technical requirements for recognition by vendors when we are awarded a particular status. In fact, we are often skilled higher than our status represents and are not afforded higher status' as a result of not transacting any product sales.

    We work closely with our represented vendors to demonstrate our influence over revenue generated in their partner network, however we will never seek to obtain rebates or back-end payments which are due to a Partner, nor will we take credit for sales where we have not been an influencer.

  • Can I engage directly with and purchase services from Insentra?

    Yes. As a vendor you can access Insentra's pre-sales, Professional and Managed Services for those clients with whom you transact directly or you can introduce us to your Partner for us to become or augment their skills. We won't ever transact directly with an end client.

  • Does Insentra provide Time & Material services?

    Primarily, we engage on a fixed-price, fixed-scope, guaranteed-outcome basis and we also deliver engagements using a T&M commercial model.

  • Does Insentra engage contractors to deliver work?

    Insentra has a global full time crew who we leverage to deliver, regardless of their primary location. On occassion we may leverage a contractor and will always be transparent with our Partner and their Client should this occur.

  • Does Insentra have security cleared personnel?

    Yes. In Australia we have a number of security cleared people in our crew.

  • Does Insentra white label?

    Our recommendation is to not white label our services. We recommend you are transparent with your clients about leveraging Insentra.

    Clients prefer transparency from their Partners and don't like to be surprised when looking at LinkedIn only to find their Account Manager hasn't been forthcoming. Furthermore, when we are whitelabelled, we cannot reference any of the thousands of projects we have completed - only those we have done with you.

    NOTE: Even when sharing references, we will never breach confidentiality of any Partner and will not share Partner details without prior approval.

  • Will Insentra help me to respond to RFI/RFQ or other tenders?

    Yes, Insentra can absolutely assist. In the first instance we will qualify the opportunity extensively with you to ensure there's a strong chance we'll be jointly successful. If you have a tender opportunity that you'd like to discuss, please contact

  • Does Insentra offer project management?

    Yes, we typically include project management within all of our engagements and can provide Project Management as a Service.

  • What is Insentra's project and delivery methodology?

    Our Project Management approach has been tailored based on proven methodologies, our company experience since 2010 as well as decades of combined individual experience. Our approach continues to evolve to deliver consistently successful stakeholder outcomes. Our methodology is segmented into elements which are selectively applied to projects to meet unique requirements. Our team are trained and certified in various methodologies including Prince2, PMP and Agile.

  • Does Insentra have packaged or SKU based solutions that can be added to a Partner catalogue?

    Yes. We have a range of packaged service offerings and can provide Partners supporting sales and marketing assets.