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Craig's Anatomy

[Webinar and Chill]

Craig's Anatomy

Could your organisation be undervaluing good project management and governance? Is the cost of poor project management taking its toll on you, your teams and your clients?

This webinar is: thrilling, informative, practical

The Good Workplace - Part 1

[Webinar and Chill]

The Good Workplace

You’re here because you want ways to boost your workplace culture, but aren’t sure how? Well, you have come to the right place, and we are thrilled to tell you the key has been under your nose the entire time.

This webinar is: fun, mind-opening, practical

Dude, where's my User Experience?

[Webinar and Chill]

Good UX visibility is important for productivity, efficiency and effective troubleshooting. Join the search for your users’ IT experience. 

Genre: Managed Services. Citrix, Productivity & Collaboration

This webinar is: Important, Informative, Funny 

Advisory Jones and the Strategy Crusade

[Webinar and Chill]

Fear, uncertainty and doubt leads to indecision, impulsive reaction or inaction. Discover a new promised land of strategic IT planning and join the journey to MapOne.

Genre: Planning, Strategy, 

This webinar is: Important, Informative, Funny 

Tenant to Tenant

[Webinar and Chill]

Hugh Roberts is on a mission to help organisations plan and prepare for Tenant to Tenant migration or consolidation projects. Will he succeed? 

Genre: Tenant Migrations, Microsoft 365, Mergers Acquisitions & Divestitures 

This webinar is: Exhilarating, Strategic, Technical 

Honey, I Shrunk the Enablement Process

[Webinar and Chill]

Microsoft 365 was adopted so users can leverage Teams for remote collaboration. How do you know if the workforce has been enabled effectively?  

Genre: Productivity & Collaboration, Microsoft 365, Change & Adoption 

This webinar is: Fresh, Informative, Funny 

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