MapOne is a powerful insight-driven, one-page strategic plan for IT. An actionable roadmap to success which provides a clear view on where you need to get to and what you need to do to get there

Discover Your Why

Over the years, Insentra’s consultants have observed the behaviour of hundreds of businesses when it comes to decision making and project planning and the reality is, most focus on what they need to do, rather than why they need to do it. This mindset leads straight into solution mode and vendor conversations before business process, user experience or long-term value have even been considered.

Drowning in Features and Functions:

When faced with a problem to solve or a project to complete, IT leaders quickly find themselves drowned in vendor or partner meetings with each supplier presenting the best possible product, which will deliver the greatest ROI. Yet none of these parties seeks to understand why you are looking to solve this problem or deliver a business outcome.

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Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD)

Before you know it there are so many options in front of you and no clear direction or understanding as to which one will get the business to where it thinks it needs to be. This FUD leads to anxiety; the fear of making the wrong decision, which in turn leads to indecision and inaction and is one of the biggest reasons projects fail to get off the ground, or even worse, stall while in motion.

So why MapOne?

By taking the time to gather real insights into your business from a functional, operational and commercial standpoint, the current state is understood, and the road ahead becomes clearer. Looking internally and externally makes planning and decision making a lot simpler and gives IT leaders the power to make the right decisions for the right reasons, at the right time.

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