Managed Citrix

Is your Citrix environment performing at its peak? Do you have access to the right skills to manage a robust, reliable and evergreen Citrix environment? New technologies are revolutionizing the way we work. Managed Citrix ensures your business stays innovative and productive.

What could you achieve with Citrix?

These days employees are well-informed digital natives. Their loyalty can be bought only with high-functioning technology and excellent customer service. Insentra’s Managed Citrix Service provides access to level 2 and 3 Citrix certified engineers. Acting as an extension of your IT providers team, this Service helps you innovate, improve productivity, enhance security, and digitize your business workloads effectively. Get greater visibility into your user’s productivity through our Predictive Insights and Analytics tools.

How can you achieve these benefits?

With our Managed Citrix Service, Insentra takes all the day to day management and administration of your client’s Citrix environment off their hands, as well as managing more complex tasks such as release management and ensuring software versions are up to date. This means your clients can enjoy the benefits of securely unified apps and data in digital workspaces and personalised access based on location, role, and device - at no extra drain on your or their valuable time or resources.