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Services to help your organisation stay operational and productive while your workforce is remote.

Traditional Business Continuity Plans Won’t Cut It

Traditional business continuity plans typically address a disaster affecting one location and often plan for only critical employees being enabled to work. This may include them working from a different office, leveraging colocation facilities or working from home. These approaches work for isolated incidents and are often based on relatively short-term scenarios targeted at fewer individuals.

In the event of a pandemic everything changes. As the entire world adjusts to a new way of working, how well has your organisation prepared? To assist, we have broken it into three main areas, Process, Technology and People.


Top 10 Considerations for Remote Working Readiness

Leveraging our extensive experience in remote working scenarios and the creation of cloud based virtual infrastructure, we have created this guide to provide the top 10 IT considerations and sample questions we are asking our partners and their clients to help them get prepared.

Remote Working Readiness Assessment

Understand how to get a scalable and reliable remote working solution. This assessment is designed to provide a collaborative workshop which evaluates the aspects of remote working and provide answers to your questions in order to form a vision for a viable remote working solution.

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The New Normal for Flexible Working Assessment

Now your business is operating in the “new normal” and will likely operate in this state for the foreseeable future, it is the ideal time to take a moment to reflect on and review what your business has accomplished, and what needs to be executed to improve the services provided to the user base. It is also the perfect time to implement plans, strategies and controls to establish a continuous, reliable, secure, and scalable platform, ensuring a robust and uninterrupted end-user experience into the future.


One of the main challenges facing organisations is how to provide tens, hundreds or even thousands of employee’s access to their corporate environment, with little to no disruption, downtime or security risk. Can the corporate environment be accessed securely, do employees have access to a device to use form home, can your environment withstand the entire workforce logging in remotely? We work with some of the worlds leading vendors to deliver services which enable exactly that, rapidly and most importantly at scale.

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Once your teams have the technology they need, you have to enable them to actually ‘work from home’. Do they know how to use the tools and features within the productivity suite they have, or are they still relying on email, chat and sending attachments to colleagues they would usually collaborate with in the office? Nulia’s digital productivity and enablement solution is designed to get users using Office 365, and if, in the wake of Covid-19 and these unique circumstances we find ourselves in you or your clients have leveraged the Microsoft Teams E1 licensing then you can access Nulias ‘Work From Home Starter Edition’ free for 6 months. 

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